Mixed messages

I've just ordered my cap and gown for graduation, so that's all very exciting. I couldn't find a tape measure to measure my head, but I did find one of those things you use to measure the length of a room or a doorway or something. They don't work as well because they don't really bend, but I'm reasonably confident in my guesstimation. Besides, a reliable friend informed me that there are spare hats on the day, so I'm not too worried.

The company I had to order from sent me an email with all the information I needed, and at the top of the email it said this:

Right, okay. Please print, I'll be sure to do that. Underneath this was my reference number, a record of my payment and other confirmation details. Then, at the bottom was this:

Well, now I'm confused. I checked just in case this footer was a hotmail related thing, but it is actually from the graduation gown company place. Now I feel like I'm in a lose-lose situation. I have to print the email, but I'm going to get judged for it. I don't need judgemental emails in my life.

In other news, I miss Lost. I've been watching some of the special features on the DVDs to try and fill the void, but it's not quite the same. Sigh.

Oh, and just before I go, I've finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End which is the third one (bit behind the times, I know), and I literally had no idea what was going on for most of it, and I can't believe they gave Will and Elizabeth such a sad ending. I won't say what happens in case I get accused of ruining it for someone, but seriously, you're better off giving it a miss, it's awful. It's so awful that not even Jack Sparrow could save it, and I love Jack Sparrow.

That being said I still want to see the new one because Will and Elizabeth aren't in it and there's MERMAIDS involved I think.

Song of the Day: Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & The Blowfish
You look at me, you got nothing left to say/I'm gonna pout at you until I get my way

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