Home Sweet Home

I have arrived home after a hellish train journey on what feels like the hottest day in the history of Britain. It's been half term for the schools this week so the train gradually got busier and busier at each station. Before we even reached the Welsh border the train kept stopping due to what the train-driver/conductor/whoever it is they get to mumble the announcements called 'engine difficulties'. Which, let's face it, isn't exactly what you're after when you're half an hour into a two and a half hour journey.

Luckily, I had Joe to keep me company until Welshpool, and he helped me plan out my whole career. I'm going to be a freelance writer, folks. Starting with this blog which I do not get paid for. It's going to be great. Also, a couple of ladies got on at Newtown and sat opposite us, and one of them started reading a book called Star Wars: A New Jedi Order. I didn't even know they had Star Wars books, but I must read them all.

Eventually I made it home about an hour later than I was expecting, and after an extortionate taxi fare. I went to Waitrose for a posh shop because it's close and I am so very very tired, and now I'm watching Malcolm in the Middle because that is how I roll.

Just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Soph before I go.


Song of the Day: Masquerade by Lelia Broussard
You masquerade like you're unique/Like you've got a lot to say/Like there's something underneath

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