Day One: Something from my childhood

The good thing about living in the same house I have since I was born is that there are a lot of memories here. I just had to do a little digging to find ones that I could photograph. During my search, I also found my National Insurance card which I was slightly worried had fallen into the bin or something accidentally. Anyway, here's my photos!

One: Last summer when I was having a clear-out/sort-out of all the crap I have accumulated over the years, I found this book which I had completely forgotten about. It has dinosaurs and a time-machine and awesome illustrations, and I remember loving it when I was younger (mostly for the dinosaurs).

Two: Old school-work from when I was about five years old. I'm guessing this was some kind of writing exercise, I'm not quite sure why I chose to write about people who lived in tree-houses.

Three & Four: We got a family portrait done when I was about two, before we went to Saudi Arabia I think, and in it I'm wearing this dress and playing with a little tea-cup or something to try and keep me still.

Five & Six: Silly Putty! I used to love this stuff, I think I got these in my stocking one Christmas. Hours of fun.

Seven - Eleven: My Dad bought me this dollhouse kit that came with all the pieces and then he put it together for me. I remember him making it at the kitchen table in Saudi, and I remember really wanting it to be finished so I could play with it, but when he did finish I don't actually remember playing with it all that much! Sorry I was such an ungrateful child Dad. I'm sure it used to have loads of furniture but all I found was the table, and I didn't have any people for it, so I've used these South Park figurines which I also found this morning.

So that's day one over, it was fun! See you tomorrow with a new challenge.

Song of the Day: Just Like Heaven by The Cure

Currently reading: I Dreamed of Africa


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