Days 18 and 19

I missed a day. Shocking, I know. But honestly, it's been pouring with rain almost constantly for the last couple of days (and still is, by the way) and I have had little to no inspiration, and my 30 day photo challenge is feeling a tad like a chore at the moment. So here is two days in one.

Day 18: Something I wore

This is the dress I wore for my graduation, during which the label was sticking out the back of my collar for the entire ceremony and nobody told me. I didn't notice until I saw the footage from my dad's camcorder.

At least it's a pretty dress.

Day 19: My room

I kind of have two rooms at the moment. My bedroom (which is the one I photographed) is teeny tiny, so when my brother moved to Ireland I sort of commandeered his old room and that is where Daf and I currently live. I have so much stuff that an extra room comes in really handy!

I am super cool with my Jaws poster.

Anyway, tomorrow evening me and Soph are off to Lydia's house, and we're going to Alton Towers on Saturday. So excited. Here's hoping it stops raining sometime before then. I haven't been to a theme park in years, I really hope I don't suddenly decide I'm terrified of roller coasters. But my point is, I won't be able to post anything here until Sunday or maybe Monday, but don't worry because I'll still be taking photos for the challenge. I'll just be posting them late.

Song of the Day: Nobody by Eliza Doolittle

Currently reading: The Book Thief

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