Days 22, 23 and 24

Three days in one. I've reached a new low. Today's prompts are a game, glasses and reflection.

A game:

We played Bananagrams. It's good. Like Scrabble, but better. 

My letters, game one

Daf's letters, game one. He was very proud of carnivore even though he didn't have space for it.

My letters, game two

Daf's letters, game two
I lost both games, so we didn't play again. I'm a sore loser.



I'm a little bit in love with this photograph
Also for your enjoyment, here's a photo of me in my glasses with ridiculous hair (I was trying to make it wavy - this was taken before I got too impatient and took out the plaits far too soon, oops.)

I'm so excited for this challenge to be over! Six more days, bring it on.

Song of the Day: Everything is Beautiful by Kylie Minogue

Currently reading: The Book Thief

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