Day Seven: Details

I wasn't quite sure what to do for 'details', because it could be details of anything really. So I just decided to look at some of the details in my room and work from there, and here's what I came up with.







One and Two: Dream-catcher that hangs in my room. I think my brother bought this for me? I'm not sure!

Three: I've had this for as long as I can remember. I love it because it's true, girls are best. It's cute too.

Four: This is actually a fridge magnet that I blue-tacked to my wall. My brother definitely got me this one when he was in holiday in Greece or somewhere, he knows me so well!

Five: My ticket from when me, Soph and Lydia went to see Wicked for Soph's birthday. I'm not usually particularly sentimental about holding onto tickets, but I thought this one was cool!

Six: My friend Lauren made this for me, inspired by the Edward Monkton cartoon.

Seven: When I was 19 I spent Christmas in Sydney with my family, but my mum and I left before my dad, and I think he gave these to my brother to give to me when he got back to the UK. I love sharks so I think these are pretty awesome! The one in the middle is my favourite.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend! I have to work, boooo.

Song of the Day: Pumping On Your Stereo by Supergrass

Currently reading: I Dreamed of Africa. It's taking me ages because it is emotionally exhausting!

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