Day Eleven: My stuffed animals




One: My stuffed toys, sitting on top of my very dusty wardrobe, poor things. I really should get them down and have a good dust!

Two: This little platypus (who I called Platy) was bought in the gift shop at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. My dad and I had really wanted to see the platypuses (platypi?), but when we got to their enclosure, they were nowhere to be seen, so we came to the conclusion that they don't really exist. Then I bought Platy because he's probably the closest I'm ever going to get to seeing a real platypus. 

Three: Sid the zebra!

Four: Bear (left) and Duncan. Daf bought me Duncan the first Christmas we were together (awww), and we got Bear a couple of years ago because he's really cool with his little scarf!

I'm a big fan of my cuddly toys, I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of any of them.

Anyway, moving away from my photo challenge for a moment, I'm now genuinely concerned that I won't finish my 30 books challenge this year. It's just a lot more books than I thought it was going to be. I'm wishing I had made it only 10 books, then I'd be almost finished by now! I'm going to persevere with it though, because either way, I've already read more books so far this year than I did in 2011 (not counting re-reads). The whole point of this was to get me reading more books that I haven't read before, so at the very least I'll have accomplished that. Reading this back, I seem so defeatist which I don't mean to be. I'm not giving up yet, I reckon it's still just about do-able!

Song of the Day: Blame It On The Weatherman by B*witched. Because it is absolutely tipping it down.

Currently reading: Need you even ask? I Dreamed of Africa

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