Happy Weekends

I had such a good weekend. I didn't do a great deal, but when you work every weekend, the occasional ones you do get off are appreciated that much more. On Saturday I just did a bit of shopping, played some video games and then watched Harry Potter movies 3-5. On Sunday I was taken out to a local pub for a lovely Sunday lunch followed by a couple of drinks in front of the fireplace. Then more video games and the rest of the Harry Potter movies to round off my weekend. So good. 

Anyway, after a clear and sunny (albeit incredibly cold) weekend, it's now grey and windy and raining and pretty horrible to be honest, so I'm definitely feeling the Monday blues. Oh well, nothing a bit of Christmas shopping won't fix. I haven't seen all that much in the actual shops so I think this year most of my shopping will be done online. I'm excited to get sorted, I love buying people presents.

Song of the Day: Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club

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