Sometimes I forget what day it is, which is why I didn't post on Tuesday like I was supposed to. By the time I realised, it was getting dark and I didn't want to take inside photos. But hey, now it's Thursday and I'm back on track!

Sometimes outfits don't always seem that blog-worthy, but nevertheless, this is what I'm wearing today. I'm not sure if these boots go really, but I've been wearing them non-stop lately because they do go with most things and they're just so easy to throw on. A very good purchase from last year.

It's been a little bit milder today so I was alright to just put on a denim jacket instead of my bigger coat (although I really love that coat). I do love the colder weather though, layering is the best, so many options. Now all I need is a festive jumper and I'll be all set.

Denim jacket: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: Gift from a friend
Top: New Look
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: New Look

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  1. Much better without the watering can and hose!


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