Oh Christmas Tree...

I have had such a productive day. A big chunk of my Christmas shopping is done, I dusted and hoovered all of upstairs plus had a massive tidy of my room, and I put up some Christmas decorations in my room as well. Lots of other household chores have also been done, which considering it's only Monday is nothing short of a miracle.

Then, when I sat down feeling really smug because of how much I've got done, I remembered I have a blog. Which I neglected somewhat last week (sorry).

But hey, look what I bought in Sainsburys today!

It's a real mini Christmas tree! It came with the little decorations and I love it so much, plus it was a bargain at only £6! 

So yeah, I'm now well and truly in the Christmas spirit, plus my bedroom is now lovely and festive. I'm a happy girly. I'm even tempted to do a bit of Christmas wrapping later. Or is it still too early to do that?

Song of the Day: Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. Sigh. He sings to my soul.

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