Guess what?

I went ahead and pimped my blog, that's what. Initially I was just experimenting with the title font and colour, but then I decided to see what it looked like with a black background. I thought I was going to hate it but actually I kind of love it, so IT'S STAYING. For now.

In other news, hey, we're still here! Of course, there's still just under 6 hours left of today, but I would've thought the rapture would have been here by now if it was coming. All in all, a very mundane Saturday. Oh well, only half an hour until Dr Who is on. Man, I would have been gutted if the rapture interfered with regular scheduled programming.


Song of the Day: Keep It Together by Guster
Keep it together/Can we keep it together/We're singing a new song now/And everything starts today

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