I am a little bit concerned

Okay, so the rapture was supposed to happen on Saturday, and it never did so that's good news. Except that now I think it's happening. God can do whatever He likes I guess, He doesn't have to stick to a schedule. That's one of the perks of being God. He lulled us into a false sense of security, and now it's the end of the world. It's SO ridiculousy windy, and it's been raining really really heavily, but due to how windy it is, the rain is horizontal. Isn't this how it started for Noah and his Ark? Lots and lots of rain, and also (I'm guessing) wind? Maybe this is the beginning of the apocalypse. I am afraid to leave the flat because a) I'll get blown over, and b) I might get raptured by some Zombies or something. That's what the rapture is, right? Zombies? I thought so. 

So anyway, I need to go to Poundland to get some toothpaste and Fairyliquid and milk, but if it really is the end of the world, I guess the washing up can wait. I have instructed Daf to get them on his way back from his exam, so fingers crossed he doesn't get raptured. I shall want a cup of tea at some point.

Elsewhere in the life and times of Emma, I think my Dad has disowned me because I (and I quote) "publicly dissed" him in my last blog post. That's right, ladies and gents, my Dad says 'dissed'. No one says dissed anymore Dad, that is so five years ago.

Hopefully you will be hearing from me again, dear reader, but in the mean time, I'm off to find someone with an Ark.


Song of the Day: The Science of Selling Yourself Short by Less Than Jake
I'm so far gone/That deep down inside I think it's fine by me/That I'm my own worst enemy

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