I don't even know what day it is anymore

My dissertation is currently in the library being bound, all that is left for me to do is pick it up tomorrow morning and then hand it in. So you're getting a blog post a day earlier than I thought, you lucky, lucky devils!

I had all these great intentions of having my dissertation finished well in advance so that I could save myself running around last minute trying to get the last bits and pieces together. Of course, that is so much easier said than done. I didn't go to bed until 4 this morning, got up at 8 and went straight to the library. I scanned everything I needed into my dissertation, added a few extra words, and faffed around for ages sorting out my Appendices, which I no longer care about because I have lost the will to live.
Not really. I am exhausted though, I don't even feel up to celebrating I'm that tired. I spent six hours straight in the library putting the finishing touches to everything and I didn't even have any breakfast. I rang Daf from the library because I realised I'd forgotten an important document which I needed, so he brought it up for me like the nice guy he is. When he got there, I mentioned how hungry I was, so he said he'd go and get me something to eat.

Daf: What do you want me to get?
Me: *shrugs*...a chocolate bar?
Daf: I was going to suggest a sandwich*.
Me: I'd prefer a chocolate bar.
Daf: Do you want some crisps, or-
Me: Get me a chocolate bar.

Don't judge me, you can totally have chocolate for breakfast.

Anyway, after about 4,ooo years, I was about as happy as I was going to get with it and printed it off then handed it into the binding lady, who told me to come and pick it up tomorrow. I went back to the flat, had a shower, put on my pyjamas and checked my email. To my surprise, I had an email from the library telling me that I left my purse there and could I come and collect it from the enquiries desk. I didn't even realise I'd left it - it has my debit card and drivers license in it, not to mention about £25. Thank goodness someone nice found it or I'd be feeling pretty stupid right about now (or at least more stupid than I do already). Needless to say, I coerced Daf into taking me back up to the library to pick up my purse, and all is right with the universe again.

I'll see you when my brain works again.


Song of the Day: Blame it on the Alcohol - the Glee Cast version

*I had to google how to spell sandwich. That's how tired I am.

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