So you may have noticed my unplanned absence from blogging. But honestly, sometimes things happen that you don't really want to talk about, or feel like you shouldn't talk about, but when that's the only thing you can even think to talk about, sometimes it's better not to talk at all. Does that make sense? Good. Moving on.

The idea of blogging again after such a long time has felt pretty overwhelming because not only had I not written anything personally, but I also hadn't read any of the blogs that I follow since the beginning of September. Now that's a lot of blogs. I kept putting off logging into Blogger and Bloglovin' because I knew there would be a lot to read, and the longer I left it, the worse I knew it would be. But yesterday I spoke to my mum and she reminded me that the last time I had blogged was the middle of August or something. So I decided to fix that today.

I'm already excited about Christmas. Online websites have already added a Christmas section with gift ideas and trees and decorations, making my inner 5 year old squeal with delight. I'm working Christmas Day this year, which I'm surprisingly OK with. Last year I was dead set against working it (which worked out wonderfully because I didn't have to), but the more I thought about it this year, the more I realised that it really wasn't a big deal - I'm sure my family will be nice enough to wait until I get home to eat! Plus the tips will probably be pretty good.

Talking of work though, I've started to get increasingly annoyed at customers who think me and the other waitresses are the same person. Last week I took the meals out to two ladies who were sitting in the section of another waitress, so I hadn't served them at all up until this point. So I put the meals down and one of the ladies asked if they could order more drinks, so I said yes, and then she said, "We'll just have the same again, please." 
So I said, "I've got no idea what you've had I'm afraid, I'm a different person." I said it with a laugh and a smile, but the lady was very apologetic which made me feel quite bad. But to be honest, the number of times I've been confused for another waitress is ridiculous. And it's not just a case of two of us looking quite similar, as it's several different people that I have been confused with. And I know other waitresses have had similar experiences. I guess that when some people go out they don't really pay too much attention to you as a person, which is pretty rude considering you're trying to help them have a good evening. Oh, and another work annoyance is when customers assume that every single member of staff knows what's going on with every single order that has been taken. The other week I had literally only just got into work, I hadn't taken any orders yet, and a lady came up to the bar and said, "Have you forgotten about my coffee then?" I'd never even seen this woman before. 

OK that's my work rant over, and hopefully I'll get into a better blogging routine soon.

Song of the Day: Long Division by Death Cab for Cutie

Currently reading: Technically I'm reading We Need To Talk About Kevin but I haven't picked it up in ages. Oops.


  1. Glad you're back blogging again - we've missed you!

  2. Wow, I do not miss working in customer service! People are so unbelievably rude aren't they. Glad you're back to blogging, and hope everything is ok with you. I'm ridiculously excited for Christmas too, glad I'm not the only one! x


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