I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. Trick-or-Treating was the best and dressing up was fun. I haven't done anything for Halloween in years though, I kind of hate fancy-dress now, I'm not really sure why. Tonight I shall be at work anyway so no Halloween plans. 

Last night I made a cake. Well, kind of. I cheated, thank you very much Betty Crocker. But man is it good.

I wanted to make it Halloween themed but then I realised all I had to decorate it with were chocolate buttons. But it is scarily unhealthy so I guess that counts. The amount of frosting on it is ridiculous. It's so yummy though.

Also, I bought Empire magazine the other day because of this cover:

It's 3D which I guess doesn't really translate in a photograph but it's so cool! I'm going to stick it on my wall, it'll probably really freak me out if I wake up in the middle of the night though. They've got 5 different covers of different characters from The Hobbit and I really want them all but at a fiver a piece I think it's a bit much.

Finally, here's a link to the best celebrity Halloween costumes (apparently, some of them are a bit rubbish). I think Heidi Klum and Seal officially have all the best costumes though!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Song of the Day: Jack's Lament (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) by Danny Elfman

Current'y reading: We Need To Talk About Kevin

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