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I watched a bit of Zoolander last night, and the bit at the beginning when it's the awards show and Hansel wins but Derek thinks it's him and he goes and starts giving his speech and it's all very embarrassing gave me inspiration for another '10 things' blog post. This is my 10 things that make me cringe list.

1. When actors/actresses/singers/etc have won an award, and during their acceptance speech they try and get someone else up on stage with them to 'share the moment'. Firstly, because the person in question usually takes ages to actually get up on stage and so there's a big pause in the speech, and secondly, because whoever has been called up onto stage is usually incredibly embarrassed and it's just really awkward. (It is usually singers who are guilty of this - Justin Bieber and Tinie Tempah both did it at the Brits last week.)

2. Now I love The Office (the original, I haven't seen much of the American version), but David Brent is probably the most cringe-worthy character ever to have been invented. I'm surprised I can actually stand to watch it because of the huge cringe factor, but it's a testament to how well it's written I suppose.

3. When interviews between a talk-show host and a guest get incredibly awkward. Meg Ryan on Parky anyone?

4. When guests on shows say something distasteful to try and get a laugh. Frankie Boyle does this constantly, but Ruby Wax did it this morning on Something For The Weekend when she said something about OJ Simpson. So so awkward.

5. Andie MacDowell's line at the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral where she and Hugh Grant are standing in the rain and she says, "Oh, is it raining? I hadn't noticed." I love that movie, but it's such an awful line and you can tell how much she hated saying it because of how rushed it was. 

6. Films and tv-shows (like Borat, Facejacker and elements of Jackass) where people are playing these weird characters but are put in situations with these poor unsuspecting members of the public. Sometimes it is funny, but sometimes it's just so cringe-worthy.

7. Take Me Out. I seem to be the only person who hates this show though. Whenever Daf puts it on I have to beg him to change the channel. I find the whole idea of it grotesque. If you're unfamiliar with it, basically what happens is there are a bunch of women on it, and one man comes on and they get to hear certain things about him, and if they lost interest in him they press their button and their lights go off. If some women have left their lights on, then this man definitely gets a date, and he turns off the lights of any women he's not interested in, and then he chooses between two of them at the end. It makes me cringe, because when all of the lights go off and the man doesn't get a date, it's so embarrassing. Also, I think it comes across as shallow and desperate, not a mixture that usually goes together. Basically, I hate Take Me Out. Don't watch it. 

8. The latest craze of singers/rappers saying their names at the beginning of their songs. I don't mind it with Jason DerĂ¼lo because his name has a nice ring to it, but on the whole I find it annoying and really egotistical.

9. When lecturers try to make jokes. If they're naturally funny, great, but when it's blatantly obvious that this certain joke has been deliberately worked into the lecture plan, it invariably bombs and no one laughs, leaving nothing but an awkward pause.

10. Noel Edmonds. Deal or No Deal is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine, but wow I hate Noel, he is a proper cringy person. 'Nuff said, I think.

It's harder to do these lists than you might think, actually. And this post is actually quite a lot more substantial then my last few.

Today I'm loving: That I'm feeling much better. I've been very bunged up the last couple of days but I'm on the mend now, happy days.

Today I'm hatin: Lemsips. They taste horrible, even if they do make your throat better.

Song of the Day: Sugar Mouse by Oh, Atoms (It's on the soundtrack for Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging which is a cringy film but in the best possible way - I love it, and it has a brilliant soundtrack.)
Cherry menthol inside/I find you hiding in my bedside pocket/Come along for the ride/Cola bottles and a sherbet rocket

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