I actually have plans!

Tonight, me and Soph are going to the Student Union to see a Phil Collins/Genesis tribute act called Phillin Collins. Apparently he's really good so I'm quite excited. He comes every year, although I haven't been before, and it's an event called 'Ginesis' (do you see what they've done there?) because they serve lots of kinds of gin or something. I hate gin, but I'm willing to embrace it if it's cheap. Plus, I get to hang out with Soph, who I love. She complained that she wasn't in my '10 things that make me smile' post, and when I told her that it was because she isn't a thing, she said, "I am an 'it' at least." She does make me laugh. So anyway, expect another post at some point about Phillin Collins. Good or bad, it'll surely give me something to write about.

Today is the 22nd birthday of my lovely cousin Frances, so here's hoping that the birthday wishes I sent her on facebook and this little mention have distracted her from the fact that I forgot to send her a card. Sorryyyy! Happy Birthday! 

I'm currently nursing a sore throat which is making me grumpy and unreasonable (poor Daf), but I'm hoping it won't stop me from singing along later! Nothing a bit of gin won't fix, anyway.

Today I'm loving: That the heating has been fixed, hooray!

Today I'm hatin': Poorly throats :(

Song of the Day: In the spirit of tonight, In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
I can feel it coming in the air tonight/Oh Lord/And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life/Oh Lord 

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