Damn you, West Bromwich Albion

On the whole, I am pretty indifferent to football. Sure, I like it when England win because I'm English, and as Wolverhampton is my hometown, I like it when Wolves win too, but I don't lose sleep over it when they don't. However, today was a local derby between Wolves and West Brom. And that makes all the difference.

I really, really hate West Brom. I don't really know why, because as I said before, I'm pretty indifferent to football. It must just be drilled into my consciousness that because I'm from Wolverhampton, I have to support Wolves and therefore I have to hate West Brom. And so I do. For my seminar on Tuesday, I have to write out a page of information about the 1983 British General Election (yawn), but instead of getting it out of the way, I sat staring at my laptop screen as it flashed up news of the match. Wolves were 1-0 up and as it got into the last five minutes, I sat anxiously biting my nails, hoping West Brom wouldn't equalize at the last minute. Which of course, they did. In injury time, no less. Normally, I would shrug it off and say, "well, at least we didn't lose!" Not today. I was fuming.

Of course the beauty of my general football attitude is that I'm now completely over it and can carry on with my life. It shouldn't take me too much longer to finish my seminar work, and then tomorrow I can finish my essay which is also due on Tuesday. I think I'm getting slightly better at balancing my time now (it's only taken me 3 years), but it is quite hard to focus on my dissertation sometimes, especially when I have sooner deadlines for other pieces of work, not to mention all the reading I have to do. Sigh. It's a hard life.

In other (much more important) news, my brother's lovely girlfriend, Pauline, has been working with a couple of other people in Ireland to set up a Lyme Disease charity, and it's just been awarded official charitable status. It's an extremely over-looked disease and not many people really understand what it is or how it can affect you, so if you're interested take a look at their website: http://www.ticktalkireland.org/ It's an Ireland based charity, but even if you don't live in Ireland, it's still good to be aware!

That's all folks.

Today I'm loving: The home-made pasties Daf's mum brought us. Yum.

Today I'm hatin': West Brom, grrr.

Song of the Day: She Spider by Mew
I saved myself/For someone somewhere's sweet caress/Something goes wrong/And all I sought was happiness 

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