Gone but not forgotten

Two people of certain significance in my life have died in the last few days. The first is Brian Jacques, the author of the Redwall books. James (my brother) had quite a few of these books and so I started reading them, and became hooked. I just loved the whole idea of mice and otters and hedgehogs running around, fighting off evil foxes or something (it makes sense if you read them - if you haven't already then you should!). Although they are aimed at a younger audience, they are not at all patronising, and they're very cleverly written. I'm still happy to read them now, I feel that sentimental about them. I think they have everything you want from a good story, and they remind me of the school holidays when I spent the whole summer reading. My favourite is The Bellmaker, but I still haven't read them all. Once I've graduated, and I have time to spend reading whatever I want, I think I'm going to try and read them all. Thank you, Brian Jacques, for filling my imagination with kick-ass little mice beating up the bad guys.

The second is Gary Moore, who used to play the guitar for Thin Lizzy but he also did a lot of solo material. My Dad is a big Gary Moore fan, and every time he put on a Gary Moore CD when I was younger, he would say to me and James: "This is Gary Moore. He's a really good guitarist you know." It sort of became an ongoing joke because he would say it every single time, even when we knew perfectly well who he was. I haven't heard any Gary Moore material in a long time now, and had sort of forgotten about him, but he's clearly embedded in my consciousness because when I read that he had died, it brought on a wave of nostalgia. On the day he died, I had an email from my Dad saying, and I quote: "What a sad day! He really was a great guitarist!" Yes he was, Dad, yes he was.

R.I.P Brian Jacques and Gary Moore. Thanks for the memories.

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