Essays are fun!!! Or not

There were only two people who showed up for my seminar this morning; myself and one other. There's only five of us in the group anyway, so only three people were absent, but when it is a small group like ours, three missing people makes a big difference. So we went to the on-campus cafe and Jim, the module coordinator, bought us coffee while we discussed the general elections of the Thatcher era. And as a treat, me and the other person who bothered to show up don't have to do information sheets for next week, we just have to do the reading. See kids, it's worth showing up!

As today is our essay deadline, I'm guessing that the reason we had three absentees is because they hadn't quite finished and needed the extra time. But still, when you only have one seminar a week to go to, you'd have thought that perhaps extra effort is needed to make sure essays are finished the night before. I finished mine last night, handed it in at around half 11 because our seminar finished early, and I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself right now.

I always feel great after handing in essays, mostly because I'm so relieved to have them out of the way, but also because I always feel like I deserve to relax for the rest of the day once my essay's in. This feeling usually lasts until the following day, when I typically begin to doubt the relevance to the question of what I've written about. Whatever, right now I feel awesome.

Today I'm loving: Chilling out on the sofa, yayyy!

Today I'm hatin': That the radiator in my living room seems to be broken, I'm fricking freezing.

Song of the Day: Everything Changes by Staind
Sometimes the things I say/In moments of disarray/Succumbing to the games we play/To make sure that it's real

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