Bad accents

Daf went out last night for a friends birthday so I had the flat to myself, which is nice because it means I get to watch films or TV programmes that he doesn't normally let me watch. I watched The Edge Of Love about Dylan Thomas and his wife and ex-girlfriend (Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley) because it was on the BBC. I don't know whether I thought it was good or not to be honest, because I was too busy flying into an incandescent rage over Keira Knightley's Welsh accent. I like her as an actress, and Welsh accents are hard to do if you're not Welsh, so I don't blame her, I blame the director. If it is that vitally important to the plot that the accent is Welsh, then hire a Welsh actress, or at least an actress who can convincingly do the accent properly. On the other hand, if you're so set on having Keira Knightley in this role, then do that thing that directors do a lot and make a slight script change so she can speak in her normal voice. Sienna Miller's accent wasn't very good either. I think she was supposed to be Irish, but then I couldn't tell if she was Irish or Welsh.

I've just looked on Wikipedia and apparently Keira's mum wrote the script. I still think my point is valid. Bad accents can ruin films.

Anyway, after that was finished, I flipped through the channels and saw that the 2003 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was about to start on Film4. Daf hates horror films, so I figured I may as well watch it. I got about 5 minutes into it, before anything had really happened, and then decided that this was a terrible idea because I was alone and it was dark, and you can't watch a horror movie with the light on. So then I watched Star Trek instead.


Today I'm loving: That there was a fox running around Twickenham stadium before the 6 nations match started.

Today I'm hatin': Essays again, as I have one due on Tuesday and it's going slowly.

Song of the Day: Getting Up With You by The Yeah You's
I didn't wanna get out of bed this morning/But it feels much better/To know I'm getting up with you

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