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I've been trying to decide what my stance is on editing photos; how much is too much, what's the point in taking a photo if you're just going to change it, etc. But after playing around on I've decided that I'm all for it. Sometimes taking photos can be really frustrating when due to certain lighting issues or whatever, the picture you take isn't quite what you see. A month or so ago there was a perfectly red setting sun, and I just couldn't do it justice on my camera, the colouring was all wrong. Yes, my camera is very good and there are lots of settings that you can adjust to suit the situation you are in and get the kind of picture you're after. But when you have a rapidly setting sun, you don't exactly have time to get the manual out - I'm still learning with my camera. I can't wait until I've finished uni and can properly learn all the settings and have a play around, but until then, I'm happy that I can use photo-editing programs to enhance my photos. The photos in this post were all taken by me (except for the ones I am in - the one of me in the hat was taken by my Dad when we were in Australia and it's my favourite photo if me, normally I pull ridiculous faces), and all edited by me. All I've really done with them is adjust the focus or exposure or colour - I didn't want to warp them into something completely unrecognisable from the original. My favourite ones are the bottom two, of the flower and the bird.


Today I'm loving: That the new dress I bought online from Miss Selfridge got here today. Yes, I went shopping. I regret nothing.
Today I'm hatin': That I have become a slave to Lost. Me and Daf may or may not have watched 6 episodes in a row last night.

Song of the Day: Kill The Director by The Wombats
Carrots help us see much better in the dark/Don't talk to girls, they'll break your heart

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