In my lifetime, I have been awarded several nicknames, some of which are variations on my name, and some which are purely from the imaginations of my Dad/brother/friends/boyfriend.

In no particular order:
Emma the Bemma the Queen of the Blues (shortened to Em-Bem)
S.B (Second Born)
T.B (I'm not telling you what that stands for)
Pink-eye (in year six I had pink frames for my glasses)
Jizz-eye (when I was in 6th form I kept getting conjunctivitis and one of the boys started this charming nick-name)
Velma (from Scooby-Doo)

There's probably a few more but I think that'll do for now. Ogden was fairly prominent at one stage. I think there's a poet called Ogden Nash, and my brother James heard the name somewhere, thought it was really funny and just started calling me Ogden. At first I kind of thought it was funny too, and so I would respond to it (big mistake.) Pretty soon however, it had become old news and I began to tire of humouring James and just wanted my real name back. So I started to ignore James when he called me anything other than my name and figured eventually he would get the point and leave me alone. I remember sitting in my room once, reading a book or whatever the cool kids were doing back then, and James started calling me down for dinner.

"Ogden, teatime! Come and help me set the table!"

Sticking to my new regime, I ignored him. Twenty seconds later:


Again, I did nothing. Sooner or later he'd have to use my real name. Another twenty seconds or so went by and then I heard my Dad's voice booming up the stairs:

"Oi! Ogden!"



Today I'm loving: That it's Monday, and Monday is GLEE DAY!

Today I'm hatin': That I have been attacked by a cold completely out of nowhere. Sneak-attack, not cool.

Song of the Day: Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan
Your love is better than ice cream/Better than anything else that I've tried

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