I wish Glee was on every day, not just Mondays. I love it so much, and even Daf is watching it with me this series, he kind of lost interest in the first season. Although he did say last night while we were watching it: "I wish they didn't sing in Glee." That's kind of the whole point, love.

Anyway, how freakin' adorable is Darren Criss?

Look at that happy face. I wish real life was like Glee, I'd love to be able to burst into song whenever the hell I felt like it.

That's about all I wanted to share with you today...just Darren Criss's face.

Today I'm loving: The awesome mark I got for my essay, and the fact that I get PANCAKES later.

Today I'm hatin': That although Daf managed to put a load of washing on for once in his life, he declined to wash anything of mine.

Song of the Day: What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club (it's on iTunes for 59p, go buy it!)
In a few weeks, I will get time/To realise it's right before my eyes/And I can take it, if it's what I want to do

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