Sunny Saturdays

I was going to go to the library today, but it was sunny out so I made Daf come with me to get a vanilla frappucino and then wander along the seafront. I spent most of the time complaining about how the bastards in Costa trick you into buying the bigger cup sizes, and taking pictures of seagulls/pigeons. Nevertheless, a nice distraction in my day, and the library will still be there tomorrow (boooo).

Quantum of Solace is on right now, which I have on DVD, but somehow it always seems more exciting when it's on live TV. Daniel Craig - what a man. (That's so something Soph would say.)

Here's some photos, hooray!

The pigeon was on its own when I first taking pictures of him, but as I was snapping away more of them kept showing up. I think they were jealous of the attention the original pigeon was getting. There was quite a lot of people about, and Daf said: "Emma, please stop talking to the pigeons." I hadn't even realised I was. 

I also discovered that trying to take pictures of seagulls in the air is really difficult. I was sitting on a bench, looking through my camera lens and following the birds as they flew around, and people kept giving me weird looks because I think they thought I was taking pictures of them, in a weird, creepy way. Oh well.


Today I'm loving: My new sunglasses.

Today I'm hatin': That Formula One has started again, and I will no doubt be forced to watch every single race from now until November. Fantastic.

Song of the Day: Black Coffee by All Saints
I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but here/I wouldn't wanna change anything at all/I wouldn't wanna take everything out on you/Although I know I do/Everytime I fall

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