Dream fury

You know when you have dreams that still affect you when you wake up? I had one of those last night.

In the dream, I was back in primary school and my class was going to go on a school trip to Disneyworld. Pretty awesome. Anyway, on the day that we were due to be leaving, my Dad got stuck in traffic taking me into school to meet everyone else and go to the airport. When we finally got there, we were too late and they'd left without us, so I didn't get to go to Disneyworld.

Absolutely gutted. 

It doesn't help that the advert with all the kids getting told they get to go to Disneyworld is on ALL THE TIME. Just rub it in my face why don't you.

So my point here is, someone please take me to Disneyworld? 

In other news, look at this because it's funny:

Today I'm loving: That tomorrow I get to see Lauren AND Sam AND Alice. It's going to be an awesome weekend.

Today I'm hatin': That the essay I handed in Tuesday had the wrong submission date and it's actually not due in until next week. Yet we weren't told this until today, two days after we handed them in. It's a bit late now, stupid History department.

Song of the Day: The Day After Tomorrow by Saybia
Tomorrow/I'll tell it all tomorrow/Or the day after tomorrow/I'm sure I'll tell you then

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